Five-Borough Showcase School Expansion

“The garden is the best part of teaching at this school.”                                                                                     –Pre-Kindergarten teacher at P.S. 216

In order to achieve our vision of an edible education for all New York City public school students, Edible Schoolyard NYC is dedicated to establishing a Showcase School in each of the five boroughs. Our first Showcase Program was established in October 2010 at P.S. 216 in Brooklyn, and our Manhattan Showcase School at P.S. 7 in East Harlem was established in 2013. In the near future, Edible Schoolyard NYC will select one Showcase School in the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. At each Showcase School, Edible Schoolyard NYC will establish and maintain:

  • An organic garden that will produce over 60 varieties of fruits and vegetables. Each garden will be customized to meet the needs of the school and its students. Students and teachers will also play a large, hands-on role in making the garden a success.
  • A kitchen classroom that will provide students with experiential learning to help develop the knowledge and skills needed to adopt healthy eating behaviors.
  • Dedicated Edible Schoolyard NYC staff, including full-time, on-site garden and kitchen classroom teachers, a garden manager, and a Program Coordinator.
  • An integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum taught by Edible Schoolyard NYC staff in the garden and kitchen classroom.  The project-based lessons were developed in collaboration with Teachers College, Columbia University and uses the garden or kitchen as the starting point for interdisciplinary classes, which incorporate at least one of the common core standards in math and ELA and/or one of the New York state standards in science or social studies.  The curriculum also includes school-food reform initiatives and comprehensive community and after-school programming.

Showcase Schools not only serve students and their families, but they also serve as demonstration sites and valuable professional development resources for teachers and principals across the city. Educators and students are invited to visit these schools to receive firsthand knowledge and valuable resources to help them integrate the key components of an edible education into the fabric of their own schools.

If you are excited about Edible Schoolyard NYC and work at a school that’s ripe for an edible education, let us know!  We want to hear from principals, teachers, Parent Coordinators, Parent Associations or anyone working in a New York City public school who has a desire to make our schools a better place.

To be eligible, your school must be a public school located in the Bronx,  Queens or Staten Island; serve, at a minimum, kindergarten through fifth grade; and be a Title I school.

If you want more information about becoming the next Edible Schoolyard NYC Showcase School, please contact us at or at (347) 565-0100.

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