What students at P.S. 216 are saying:

“For me, gardening is off the charts!”
— Camper

“Can I have seconds? I could eat this salad all day, every day.”
— First grader

“We’re like earthworms and ants because we work in the soil.”
— Kindergarten Student

“I love this place. This is so cool. I wish we could do this every day at school.”
– Fifth grader

“That was my first time eating a raspberry off the vine.”
— Fifth grader

“The garden feels calm, I feel focused.”
— Third grader

“My favorite part was tasting the leaf because I didn’t know you could eat leaves.”
— Second grader

“I smell good food growing!”
— Third grader

“Do you know what day of the week is my favorite? The day we come to the garden.”
— Kindergarten student

“Before I came to this school I didn’t eat anything, no fruits or vegetables. Now that I’ve come to the garden, I’ll try anything”
— Isaac, Student

What parents at P.S. 216 are saying:

“Our kids wanted to come to the garden really early in the morning. They woke up excited and they left the house 10 minutes earlier every day.”
— Parent

“I want to say thank you to all of you. This farm has added to much to our summer vacation. It’s meant a lot to us.”
— Parent

“We’re going to be here everyday. This is too much fun!”
— Parent

“We’ll take a big pepper home and chop it up and Andrew will eat it all by himself.”
— Diane, Parent

What the principal and teachers at P.S. 216 are saying:

“I feel confident that what our students are learning here will become part of the fabric of their lives, and they will take these lessons and this experience with them into their teen and adult years.”
— Principal Celia Kaplinsky

“I can’t believe our kids have done all this. Remember back when we started there was nothing. Now it’s beautiful.”
— Fourth grade teacher

“I was so happy when I went to bed last night because I knew we were coming to the garden today.”
— Pre-Kindergarten teacher

“It’s great to see the kids doing something that is so self-directed. They never get to do this.”
— Second grade teacher

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