Edible Schoolyard NYC depends on donors like you to advance our mission to end childhood obesity and change the way kids eat… for life. We thank you for your past and your continued support.

ANY ONLINE DONATION FROM JUNE 24 – JULY 24th CAN GO TOWARDS OUR CROWDRISE CAMPAIGN: ROOTING FOR HARLEM.  If you’d like to donate to the campaign, please mention it in the description. Thank you!

 to donate online
To donate by phone
Call 347.565.0100To donate by mail
Send check to:
Edible Schoolyard NYC
55 Washington Street
Suite 257
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Help us grow now in Harlem! 

$25 will purchase canning jars for one kitchen class

$50 will buy asparagus starts for our rooftop garden

$100 will purchase 75 strawberry plants for our rooftop garden

$500 will purchase prep carts for our kitchen classroom

$1,000 will supply our Harlem garden with 11 fruit trees

$5,000 will provide drip irrigation for our Harlem garden

$10,000 will supply our Harlem garden with all plant materials for one year

$15,000 will provide our Harlem kitchen classroom with equipment, supplies and dry goods for one year

The students and teachers at P.S. 7 in Harlem are eager to grow their very own Edible Schoolyard. Please do all you can now to help our garden flourish.

Our goal is to build edible gardens and kitchen classrooms throughout New York City. Our mission is to provide an edible education to all this city’s 1.1 million public schoolchildren. With your support, we will change they way New York City’s public schoolchildren eat… for life.

With much appreciation and many thanks for your support!

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