Edible Schoolyard NYC depends on donors like you to advance our mission to transform the hearts, minds, and eating habits of young New Yorkers through an integrated seed-to-table education. Thank you for your support! 

 to donate online

To donate by phone, call 347.565.0100

To donate by mail, send check to:
Edible Schoolyard NYC
55 Washington Street
Suite 257
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Every dollar matters:

$10,000 covers the cost of one organic school garden — from soil and seeds to building and maintenance supplies — for an entire year. 

$5,000 funds an edible education starter kit for one new school that includes all the supplies and tools needed to get started teaching in the kitchen

$1,000 supports garden and kitchen classes for one student for one year, giving them knowledge, skills, and hands-on engagement with healthy, delicious food.

$100 covers the cost of feed for one of our beloved chickens for one season.

$50 buys five trowels for our students to learn to plant and grow their own fruits and vegetables.

$25 supports the cost of seeds for our students’ favorite vegetables. 

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